13/365-Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia…It’s back and better than ever.

Now I know why Chia Pets are so popular. It’s a blast to watch them grow!

IMG_2506It took me a few tries to get the amount of Chia seeds right, and it’s still not perfect, but I love my little Chia Pet buddy. You can see he has some bald spots in the front. I’ll try again and see if we can fix that.

IMG_2511I found this Chia Pet, sans the Chia seeds, at a local reuse center. If you have any reuse centers or thrift stores in your area, go look for one and tons of other treasures you may find.

Chia seeds are high in nutrients, especially¬†Manganese, which is hard to find in the Standard American Diet (SAD diet). Chia seeds are great in puddings, in your shakes, as crackers, or sprinkled in your salads. I love raw chia seed pudding for breakfast and it’s really fast to make.

To bring your Chia pet to life, just soak the pet overnight in water. Soak your chia seeds the next morning for about 2 hours. Then, spread the seeds over the pet so they fill in the little rows.

IMG_2523Pour some water in the top of the pet to keep the ceramic wet and once or twice a day spray the seeds with a mist or pour water over them.

Chia seeds absorb tons of water and they will stick to the side of the pet. In a day you will see tiny white tails which are the root. A full coat takes about 5 days.



Put the Chia pet in the window and you will see how the newly sprouted seeds follow the direction of the sun.

I’m starting a tray of Chia seeds to eat for me and the gang this week, really excited about it.


They taste great and are so power packed with vitamins, and minerals. Plus, they look so cute when you take them for a walk in your garden.



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