Brighter Future Foundation, or BFF, as we affectionately call it, was started in 2011. Founder, Stephanie Montalvo, grew up on a small organic farm in South Jersey. She was taught how to raise organic vegetables, fruits, and grains as well…


Brighter Future Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing its participants with experiential learning adventures that educate youth about humane animal care and practices and enhanced environmental awareness and appreciation using the arts as a medium, while…


BFF is dedicated to providing its participants with experiential learning adventures.  Our programs include ecological education, via the arts and sciences, humane animal care, and practices to enhance our environment, and our environmental awareness. We are striving to empower future…


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21/365-Shower curtain rings & air plants…

Yes, you read it right, shower curtain rings and air plants. I had all these left over shower curtain rings from other houses, projects, and such. I didn’t want to get rid of them because I felt like “they could…

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20/365-Gardeners Can Save our Ecosystems by De-fragmenting!

Fragmentation. That is what happens every time we build a new mall, sports center, town, or city. Every time we split apart a vital habitat we create a huge problem for wildlife, plants, and even us. We keep chasing our…


19/365-Garden Art Therapy & A Dino Duck Print

Life can be stressful, so coming home to a place that is relaxed and harmonious is a great gift. You can create a relaxing piece of the world for yourself by bringing in the beautiful elements nature has to offer….

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Repurpose Your Shoes Win a Garden-BFF Shoe Drive 2015

BFF is holding a shoe drive to raise the funds needed to keep the Brighter Future Foundation running. All the shoes collected are placed into micro enterprise programs in under-developed countries. People with little to no income come to one…

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Brighter Future Foundation (BFF) values your time, and appreciates any assistance you would like to offer us. We are always looking for volunteers in the following areas; events, plantings, passing out flyers, working with animals, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, web…

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